Bar Code and Wi-Fi HotSpot Solutions

We are Bar Code West, located in Sebastopol, just outside Santa Rosa, in Northern California.

We create custom-designed bar code solutions for Industry, Commerce, Business, and Home.

We supply you with the right bar code printers, scanners, labels, ribbons and software to get your work done.

Our bar code systems enable you to print bar codes, scan bar codes, and process the scanned data. We specialize in warehouse management, product tracking and inventory control systems for industry. Our bar code systems typically use Portable Data Terminals (PDTs) to allow users to scan bar coded data from location and item bar codes, keypad in quantities, and send that information back to the host computer via Radio Frequency (R/F) communications.

We can also help you buy and install barcode printers, wands, CCD and laser readers, and get you started with bar code printing and scanning on your current system.

Some Bar Code FAQs.

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